Animal Diversity Bundle


Explore the amazing diversity of animals on our planet with this bundle of five activities. Have a battle of wits with the animal trivia game; find out all about endangered animals with the guess who game; play detective with the animal track game; design and build houses, inspired by animal architects; make animal art with the science-themed art prompts!

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Animal Diversity Bundle Includes

Animal Trivia Game: A game of fun facts and trivia about the diverse and amazing animals that inhabit our planet! A huge diversity of species, about 2 million that are currently known to science, lives next to us. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours and survive in a vast variety of environments. This game gives a glimpse into their world, highlighting an array of amazing behaviours and adaptations, some familiar and some surprising, and providing a starting point for further exploration. Read about it more here.
Animal Drawing Prompts: Using these ten animal drawing prompts, children can learn fun animal facts, then turn them into art! Doing so will help them analyze the information, interpret it and make it a part of personal experience that will permanently stay in their memory. Read about it more here.
Endangered Animals Guess Who Game (Full Version with Posters): A printable educational board game that introduces players to endangered animals, threats to their survival, and efforts being made to protect them. Players then attempt to deduce the identity of their opponent’s animal, by asking questions and comparing the answers to their key of twenty animals. Read about it more here.
Animal Engineering Challenge Card: Architecture has played a significant role in human history, but humans are not the only ones to build impressive structures. Some animals go to great effort to engineer their perfect dwelling. It becomes especially obvious as we try to learn their techniques and replicate their work. Using this pack, students will learn about ten animals and the amazing structures they build, then attempt to build their own versions of these specific dwellings. Read about it more here.
Animal Tracks Matching Game: Most animals do not want to come in close contact with humans, but if you learn to notice and recognize their tracks, you will be able identify which animals visit your neighbourhood or like to walk along the same trails as you do. Animal tracks can become a window into an otherwise hidden world—the presence and habits of wild animals. Animal Track game is a printable educational game that will teach kids how to match animals with their tracks and where to find them! Read about it more here.


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