Following these animal drawing ideas, discover fun animal facts and create fifteen science-themed pictures!

Animal Drawing Ideas

Reading about animals is fascinating, but turning facts into art helps children to analyze the information, interpret it and make it a part of personal experience.

You see, if they read about an ant maze that stretches for two meters underground, it is a fun fact. But if they create a maze, that fun fact sticks.

This pack of animal drawing ideas gives them the opportunity to do just that. First, they read a new fun fact, then they draw a picture based on that fact.

Animal Drawing Ideas

Science-Themed Animal Drawing Prompts

Did you know that sloths only come out of the trees about once a week? Engineer a tree house that would allow you to live there for weeks at a time!

In order to protect themselves, some animals mimic other more dangerous, animals. This is a protective strategy that “owl butterflies” use against small birds. Basically, they pretend to be owls. Design more protective colourations for butterflies!

Red and orange are the colours most attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. They also like other bright colours, except for green and blue. Draw a flower meadow that will attract the most animal visitors.

Those are the facts/prompt combinations for the pictures above. All told, there are fifteen drawing prompts in the pack!

15 Printable Animal Drawing Prompts

Children will learn about mimicry and colourations that signal danger; about diurnal, nocturnal and crepuscular animals; which animals are the fastest and which animal group is the most abundant; what living fossils are and who lays eggs. It’s a variety of fun facts that will go along well with other activities related to animal studies.

Benefits of Drawing Prompts

Drawing prompts are great in a variety of scenarios. As a family, we love them.

  1. They are excellent boredom busters for restaurants and waiting rooms. At home, they also work well for a rainy day or as a quick distraction to “I don’t know what to do!”
  2. Drawing and doodling are very important in early childhood, as a step to developing the fine motor skills necessary for handwriting.
  3. Drawing prompts are also great for developing problem solving skills as well as critical thinking. They pose problems, and it’s up to children to find answers. A bonus here is that there is never just one right answer.
  4. Drawing prompts are good for encouraging a sense of community and friendship. Children can work on the same prompts together and compare their ideas.
  5. And since what we’ve got here are printable drawing prompts, there can be as many copies for as many children as you need!

So, print the prompts, read the facts and doodle away!

What Can I Finish Drawing Prompts With?

Anything, really.

Pencils, crayons, and markers are the most obvious solutions. Paints are entirely possible as well. If possible, print the pictures on heavier paper for that. Play-dough works well for many drawing prompts as well. And you can add coloured paper, fabric, and buttons to create collages as well!

Tip: You can also laminate the drawing prompts for longevity and use them with markers.

Get Animal Drawing Prompts!

15 Animal Drawing Prompts for Kids

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Thanks for reading!

Printable Animal Drawing Prompts
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