Canadian Dress-Up Paper Doll: Printable Template with Colouring Pages


Canadian dress-up doll set is made to use for studying Canada with children. The pack includes six base dolls, both boys and girls, to choose from and four costumes: Anne of Green Gables, a RCMP officer, a hockey player and an Inuk. The four costumes are available in a full coloured version and in a black and white versions for children to colour themselves!

This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want!


If you played with dress-up paper dolls while growing up, you probably remember how much fun it was! From an adult (parent/teacher/therapist) perspective, we can also see how useful this activity is for a child’s development.

Here are a few important skills that making paper dolls and playing with them can encourage:

  • fine motor skills and scissor cutting practice
  • creativity and art skills
  • storytelling skills
  • social skills

In addition to this, the Canadian Dress-Up Doll set is made to use when studying Canada with children. The four costumes are by no means complete representative of Canadian diversity, but can provide an introduction to a few cultural phenomena of the country. The costumes include Anne of Green Gables (read a classic book or watch a movie together), an RCMP officer (read about the tradition of this unique mounted police), a hockey player (hockey is Canada’s official winter sport and a noticeable part of the culture) and an Inuk (a member of the Inuit, one of Canada’s aboriginal groups native to the Arctic region).

The designs can be used for making a classic paper doll with folding tabs as well as a magnetic doll.


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