Wooden Dachshund on Wheels: Pull Toy Dog with Articulated Body

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Like an ideal dog, this wheeled wooden canine will loyally follow a child anywhere, its ears flapping enthusiastically.

This is a toy that a child can attribute a personality to – a companion toy. At an early age, it can be used as a pull toy to enliven a toddler’s first steps. For older children, it makes a good alternative to yet another car or construction vehicle.

Its robust construction from solid cherry wood means that the dog will not hesitate to be the first one down the slide. Its articulated middle allows it the freedom of racing in any direction or chasing its own tail, and because of the pivot that allows the ears to flap, you will always know that the dog is enjoying itself.

We’re willing to create customized dogs of different woods or with spots placed to make it look like a dog you’ve known. If you want to have a wooden dog of a breed we’re not offering yet, please contact us!

Recommended age: 1+
Dimensions: 6” H x 8”L x 1” W
Materials: cherry wood and non-toxic food-safe tung oil finish
Origin: made in Canada


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