We have selected the best reading and writing apps for kids that make English lessons engaging, creative, and fun!

While we fully endorse the ideas of hands-on learning, reading aloud, and nature exploration, we like to use electronics to our advantage all the same. We watch documentaries, follow video tutorials, listen to audiobooks, and play games! Many of the games are educational, in one way or another. It has never been about not having screen time for us, rather about having quality screen time.

Previously, I created a post with our favourite math apps. Elementary math seems to be well-suited to being practised with games. There are many great games that turn repetitive math exercises into a fun challenge.

I should say right away that I have not found that to be quite the case with reading and writing apps. There are some good titles, and they can be a great help when learning a particular skill, but they don’t offer a comprehensive program. There are games that promise a comprehensive program, but we have found them lacking in other ways, which I will try to touch on below. They were still quite a bit of fun to try, and I imagine that in the end all of them contributed something.

By now, both of my children have familiarized themselves with these apps. My eldest has required a lot of vigorous instruction with reading, and we have used these apps for additional practice. On the other hand, my youngest basically taught herself how to read by playing a few of the apps on this list, when she was three. I thought that she was still too young to learn reading, but she kept trying until suddenly she was reading. I can’t say I complained! The Endless series, paired with Epic, were her recipe to success.

Reading and Writing Apps

Multi-Level Programs

These apps don't just work on one particular skill - they take your children through several leveld of reading competency!

SIngle Games

These games mostly focus on one particular skill. While they're less universal, they're often more fun! At least, my children often chose to use them rather than waiting to be told to use them.

More Reading Activities

Teach the alphabet while the kids are playing with their favourite toys and completing STEM challenges! BUILDABLE ALPHABETS bundle includes over 300 designs of letters to build from Lego, Duplo, Magna-Tiles, pattern blocks and wooden blocks.

Practice reading with early reader comic books. They provide a great opportunity to step away from workbook texts and enjoy the stories!

Thanks for reading!