Pick one of these anatomy books for kids to supplement your studies of the human body!

10 books about the human body for kids

Children start asking questions about their bodies very early. A younger sibling on the way prompts, “Where do babies come from?” An argument over candies naturally leads to a discussion, “Why can’t we eat sweets all the time?” A trip to a doctor’s office encourages a bout of medical role-playing and yet more questions. And a period of interest in body noises and fluids seems to simply never go away.

In other words, human body anatomy is always a pertinent topic for kids! As a parent and educator, I decided that I might as well embrace it and use it for educational purposes.

So, every once in a while, we take time and do one of our favourite anatomy projects – play with anatomy paper dolls, build a life-size paper skeleton, or make organs out of play-dough.

Anatomy bundle of printable activities

Then, we always supplement it with a reading from our collection of anatomy books for kids!

Below, we will share our favourite books about the human body for kids. Some of them are written for children as young as preschoolers and feature lift-the-flaps and hands-on activities; others are thick and full of detailed illustrations and explanations that will appeal to curious pre-teens. Pick and choose, depending on the age and the level of interest!

10 Anatomy Books for Kids

Anatomy Books for Kids

More Anatomy Activities

Make a life-size skeleton model of a child’s body!

Life-size printable paper skeleton

Play with anatomy paper dolls!

Anatomy paper dolls

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10 Best Anatomy Books for Kids