Science graphic novels are a great way for kids and adults to combine educational and enjoyable reading into one!

15 Science Graphic Novels for Kids

It used to be a common belief that comic books don’t deserve attention from a serious reader. Nothing can be further from truth with these science comic books!

Colourful and humorous, graphic novels effortlessly spark children’s interest in the most unimaginable topics.

Now, how many children are curious about, say, Neanderthals? Or the life of bees? Some. But those topics are definitely not for everyone. However, many kids like comic books, because they are full of pictures and witty dialogues, so they will happily read one. If it happens to be about Neanderthals or bees, so be it – they will learn about that at the same time! Believe it or not, my six-year-old became fascinated with genetics, while we were reading science comics.

No wonder science-themed graphic novels have been gaining such popularity in educational circles. There are educational comics books that can teach you how to draw and how to fix a car, graphic novel biographies, myths and legends in comic books. There is also a big selection of comic books on science topics, and we would like to share our favourites with you!

Science Comics

Science comics have become so popular that First Second, a popular publisher of comic books, have created an entire series of them. They add a few new titles every year. Currently, there are comic books about various animals (dogs, cats, dinosaurs, polar bears, bats, and sharks), about the science behind machines (airplanes, rockets, cars, and robots), natural phenomenon (volcanoes, weather, rocks and minerals), and some other subjects.

Inside, the science comics often touch on some unexpectedly deep subjects. It was while reading about dogs that my son and I learned about the basics of genetics!

We have included several of our favourites from that series in the list, but there aren’t any of them we wouldn’t recommend.

Science Graphic Novels

Our Top Picks of Science Graphic Novels

Below are two of our favourite science graphic novels.

More Science Comic Books for Kids

The titles below are also delightful! In this article, we tried to collect those science comic books that would be appropriate for children (both in excluding mature subjects and in the accessible presentation of complex ideas). But it doesn't mean that they're only for children! Adults and teenagers will find most of them enjoyable and educational as well.

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