Use these printable LEGO alphabet mats to combine early literacy with STEM and teach letters in a playful hands-on way!

Combine early literacy with STEM and teach the alphabet in a playful hands-on way with these printable LEGO challenge cards!

Everything is a little more fun with LEGO! That’s why we try to include the blocks into as many of our learning activities as we can. The kids love the blocks, they have a ton of them and always want more – more blocks, more playing, more building ideas. As we work through the activities, it feels a lot more like playing than doing schoolwork.

As my oldest is learning to read and my youngest is working on the alphabet, letters have taken a particularly prominent role in our house. That’s why I made another version of a LEGO alphabet with printable challenge cards.

The previous one featured two-dimensional letters built on a baseplate. How is this one different? The letters here are three-dimensional, and can stand by themselves. The designs are more challenging and better suited to the building skills of ages 5+. Both of them work great for helping our children master the uppercase and lowercase letter formation while they develop the spatial and problem-solving skills at the same time.

Of course, my oldest LEGO builder could build the letters by himself, without using any cards. He does sometimes, too. But the LEGO alphabet cards challenge him. They are more like a puzzle that he wants to solve. Beside that, the great thing about using the printable cards is that you don’t even strictly have to supervise the activity. You can always set up a little literacy center with the cards featuring letters of the week and LEGO blocks in a corner of your classroom. Children can come and complete the building challenges whenever they want.

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About the Lego Alphabet Pack

There are two scales of cards included – one that show the designs at 100% scale, so that children can even place blocks directly onto them (like the card with Q above) and one that is a convenient size of flash card, which are good for quick reference (like the card with A underneath).

And, of course, there are both uppercase and lowercase letter designs included!

Once the children have mastered their letters, they can also move onto words and even compose short messages like “Happy Birthday!”

LEGO 3D Alphabet Cards Feature

  • Cards of two formats: Four letters on one sheet (convenient card size) and one letter per sheet (100% scale and easiest to replicate)
  • Both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Free-standing designs
  • 52 designs & 104 cards!

You can also get them as a part of our BUILDABLE ALPHABETS bundle. We have plenty more alphabet building resources, which we have pooled together in a useful (and deeply discounted) package. Over 300 pages of letters to build, to keep kids engaged while playing with their favourite building toys and completing STEM challenges!

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Combine early literacy with STEM and teach the alphabet in a playful hands-on way with these printable LEGO challenge cards! #homeschool #alphabet #preschool #kindergarten #lego #stem