Teach your children the alphabet in a playful hands-on way by making Lego letters!

Teach your children the alphabet in a playful hands-on way with the printable LEGO alphabet cards!

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About LEGO Letters

If you have a LEGO lover around, you know that everything is a little more fun when LEGO is involved. That means, LEGO is a part of every birthday and Christmas, and things like LEGO key-chains or LEGO utensils are very desirable possessions around the household!

(At the moment, I’m the owner of the much coveted LEGO keychain man! Mostly, because I own the keys.)

Knowing all this, you will hardly be surprised to find out that LEGO is an important part of our kids’ learning process. They are always tinkering with it, using it for understanding how things work, whether it is a helicopter or a dinosaur. And as we keep working on reading with the oldest and slowly start exploring letters with the youngest, it was quite natural to make a LEGO alphabet.

LEGO Alphabet built with printable LEGO cards

After we built the alphabet once, it was just a matter of time to turn it into a stack of printable cards that the kids could use as an inspiration for working on the LEGO alphabet by themselves.

LEGO 2D Alphabet Printable Cards Feature

This version includes 26 Lego letters of the English alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase. We built the two-dimensional designs on a big LEGO base plate.

When you print the cards, you will see that there are two letters per sheet: that makes it so that they are 100% scale and easy to replicate.

How to Use the LEGO Alphabet Cards

Use them with your LEGO lovers for inspiration! Just place them by your LEGO building table and challenge them to build letters, then progress to names and short messages.

While playing with these cards, the children don’t just practice their letters, but also work on math (matching patterns, counting blocks as well as distances from one block to another). They also develop critical thinking while solving these LEGO building puzzles.

While LEGO blocks can make some truly amazing creations, there is a certain appeal in treating it as mosaic pieces for 2D designs. My kids enjoyed the novelty of it!

You can also get them as a part of our deeply discounted BUILDABLE ALPHABETS bundle. Teach the alphabet while the kids are playing with their favourite toys and completing STEM challenges! BUILDABLE ALPHABETS bundle includes over 300 designs of letters to build from Lego, Duplo, Magna-Tiles, pattern blocks and wooden blocks.

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Teach your children the alphabet in a playful hands-on way with the printable LEGO alphabet cards! #homeschool #homeschooling #lego #legoideas #alphabet