70 Printable Writing Prompts for Kids


Engage children in creative writing while using one of 70 printable writing prompts that describe interesting techniques and offer captivating scenarios. Compose a haiku or an acrostic; learn the use of alliteration, simile, and onomatopoeia; pen a letter to yourself in 5 years; brainstorm, summarize, and draft Venn diagrams; make a list of things to pack for an excursion to an uninhabited island; and many more!

This listing is for the digital design to print your own prompts. Upon checking out, you will be able to download a PDF file.




  • 70 creative and imaginative writing prompts with a variety of subjects  (make-a-list prompts, use-the-words prompts, draw-and-write prompts, finish-the-sentence prompts, answer-the-question prompts, prompts based around studying literary devices, prompts introducing different genres, prompts encouraging critical thinking alongside with writing, and open-ended imaginative prompts)
  • tailored towards elementary grades
  • two separate versions with beginner lines and standard lines
  • two separate versions – British English and American English


Between handwriting, spelling, and grammar, it is sometimes possible to overlook the very purpose of writing, which is to express ourselves and to enjoy the process of turning thoughts and words into text. The writing prompts in this pack are meant to help with developing enthusiasm for writing, offering a wide variety of creative prompts and engaging scenarios to inspire young writers.

The variety of activities presented in the pack should appeal to different interests, skills, and learning situations. Some writing prompts give students a selection of words to use, while others ask questions. Some are completely open-ended, and others include creative copywork, such as “would you rather?” questions. Some teach students to write poetry, and others acquaint them with literary devices.

These writing prompts are easy to use, as each prompt can be used individually without conjunction to the others. You can mix and match them, tailoring prompts to your specific needs—pulling a random prompt for students who are quick to finish other tasks or tying a prompt to a certain lesson.

Each page has everything needed for the completion of the task—the prompt, the additional information (depending on the prompt, it can be words that can be used, helpful questions, or the explanation and examples of a certain genre), and the space for writing. Two different packs are ruled to include “beginner lines” and “standard lines”. You can pick whichever one works better for your student.

These writing prompts were made with the elementary grades in mind, however they can be used by older students as well.


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