Life-Size Printable Muscular System


With these life-size printable bones, children can visualize their bodies on the inside and build life-size muscular models of themselves!

You can also buy this product as a part of Anatomy for Kids: Basic Systems and Life-Size Human Body Models.

This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you need.


This printable life-size muscular system gives students an opportunity to build a model of how their own muscles looks. They can handle the printed muscles, place them in order, and even try them on!

The printable muscles are scaled so that their size would be right for an average seven-year-old child, but should also fit reasonably well for children who are two years younger or older. 

There are pages that feature all the muscles with their names as well as pages without any text. This printable set also includes a card that acts as a reference to build the muscle system, and has an overview of the system with some fun facts.

For further studies, build a skeletal system as well! It integrates well with our life-size skeletal system and showcases the interconnectivity of layers. You can find the template here.

Want more anatomy activities? Try our bundles – Anatomy for Kids: Basic Systems and Anatomy for Kids: Advanced Systems. Following this hands-on anatomy unit study, children get to build life-size anatomy models of themselves, play with anatomy dress-up dolls, complete anatomy puzzles, build organs from play-dough, colour, draw and play games! The anatomy bundle is full of creative activities for young scientists.



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