History of Space Suits Pack: Paper Dolls + Information Booklet

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Study the history of space exploration by looking at the selection of influential space suits and making astronaut printable paper dolls!

This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


Space is full of wonders that we feel compelled to explore! Yet, space is also full of dangers that our bodies cannot survive unaided. Scientists have had to develop special suits to overcome all of the conditions that we as humans face out there. 

This set was made:

  • to celebrate the history of space exploration by looking at influential space suits: starting with the first space suit (that was not made for a human!), SK-1 & SK-2 suits (used for the first man and the first woman in space), Mercury suit (first American in space), Apollo 11 suit (first human on the moon) and Orlan suit (used to the present on the International Space Station)
  • to present the young scientists and engineers with challenges that scientists had to face and how they overcame them
  • to encourage children’s enthusiasm for the accomplishments of science, technology, and teamwork

Included in the set, you will find:

  • 4 full-colour dolls & 4 colour-your-own
  • 8 full-colour space suits & 8 colour-your-own (the first space suit in history, SK 1, Mercury, A7L, Apollo 11 EMU, Orlan cooling garment, Orlan space suit, and SpaceX suit) 
  • a booklet with general information about the purpose and history of space suits, followed by a detailed description of each space suit and missions it was used for
  • schematic drawings of every suit, labelling and explaining various parts of a suit (why were the first cosmonauts’ suits orange? what does the button “mom” on the Apollo 11 suit mean?)
  • vocabulary of useful space suit terms and acronyms

UPDATED (May 25, 2020): Added a new suit – SpaceX space suit!

4 reviews for History of Space Suits Pack: Paper Dolls + Information Booklet

  1. Rosy Cuevas (verified owner)

    Beautifull. a very fun and pretty way to study space. my daughters loved it. I bought it because of the paper dolls, didn’t even realize it has a booklet with I loved! very well researched info. i actually made an actual book of the papers so I can keep it for the years to come. congratulations for your amazing work

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