Pioneer Dress-Up Doll Printable


Inspired by Little House on the Prairie series, this doll has a wardrobe of a little pioneer girl. Download the designs, print them, then use the doll as a magnetic dress-up doll or a traditional paper doll!


Our pioneer dress-up doll has three historical outfits: a play-dress with a pinafore and a bonnet, a Sunday dress and a nightgown with a night cap. She is also lucky to have a pair of button-up leather shoes. Fashion reflects social and cultural mindset at different periods, so you can use this doll to have the first history lessons with kids. Read more about making the doll here.

Once you download the designs, print them  directly on magnetic sheets, or use thick paper with strips of magnetic tape glued to the back. Cut the figure and the dresses out. Stick them to the fridge, and let the fashion show begin!


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