Sea Animal Printable Memory Game


Printable memory game for kids that features 30 species of different sea animals, their silhouettes and fun facts about them!


Age: 2-10

Benefits: memory & logical skills; sea animal names, recognition & fun facts.


  • 30 cards with species of sea animals from all the oceans of the world, including, anglerfish, bull shark, bottlenose dolphin, clownfish, compass jellyfish, mottled anemone, dugong. southern sand star, green sea turtle, lionfish,sperm whale, stone crab, flying fish, blue-ringed octopus, clown triggerfish, Japanese flying squid, killer whale, porcupinefish, regal blue tang, spotted eagle ray, and swordfish.
  • Cards with 30 animal silhouettes.
  • Cards with information that includes animal’s common name, its distribution and some quirky facts. Playing this game, children will find out what animals can grow their limbs back, how fish can fly, what animals inspired the ancient tales of sirens and mermaids, and what fish can turn from males into females during the course of their lives.
  • Three levels of complexity make it challenging for different ages. Recommended for ages 2-10.
  • Beautiful pencil-drawn cards are both biologically informative and kid-friendly.

Inside of this printable pack, you will get 90 cards and a PDF file with rules. Print, cut and play!


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