Waldorf Wooden Fairy Dolls: 3 Fairies


A set of three fairies – made in the best Waldorf traditions! The wooden fairies float about on their unique butterfly wings, each with a different silhouette and pattern of hardwood inlays.

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Peg doll characters shine in inspiring open-ended play. In the best Waldorf tradition, these dolls are made entirely of natural materials, and are vague enough in detail to take on whatever character a child decides to give them.

Use them to populate your Fairy Tree House Block Set, play with nature blocks, or build a fairy tree house. Their compact size allows children to easily take them everywhere!

Recommended age: 3+
Dimensions: 2 1/4″ tall
Materials:  birch bodies with wings made of cherry, aromatic cedar and ipe wood + non-toxic food-safe pure tung oil
Origin: made in Canada


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