There are times when art activity is meant to produce results, but process art is all about making experiments and having fun while painting! Making art with a spray bottle is like that, and it is guaranteed to entertain kids on a warm summer day.

This summer, try this fun outdoor activity with kids - making spray bottle art in your backyard!

…If you’re particularly daring, it works inside too. That’s how we first tried making art with a spray bottle. It was a while ago now when our son was a toddler. He used to steal a spray bottle and sneak around with it, hoping to catch a moment when he could spray us from around the corner. We thought that there must be a better way for him to use his spray bottle and tried a couple of artistic experiments. We did it inside and had some rags and towels ready to catch water.

A couple of years passed, and our son still loved playing with spray bottles. We decided to give it another go – outside.

Oh, was it ever fun! No worries about spills, refreshing and colourful.

Materials for Spray Art

  • spray bottle
  • a big piece of paper (on the pictures below, we used plain, rather thin, drawing paper – it was just for fun; if you have any artistic aspirations, use watercolour paper that can withstand all the water)
  • watercolours (liquid or pans)

Spray Art

We attached our roll of paper to a fence with some tape. I found the setup very inspiring. An old stump for a table, birds singing and lilacs blooming all around. I would definitely feel like painting in this setting. What about you?

The idea here is to make some designs with a brush, then spray it and watch how the colours flow and blend, then start dribbling down.

There was a lot of space on the piece of paper, so it took Anselm a while to cover it all. While it’s very much an abstract piece of art in its finished state, he was painting lots of pictures before spraying them out to smithereens and making them disappear. There were houses, spaceships and even letters!

Here is a finished close-up. It’s interesting how the drops of water created speckled texture in some places. Rather similar to painting with salt! In other places though, the colours blended really well. I will keep it mind for when I paint with watercolours!

One picture wasn’t enough, so we made another one after the first piece dried out. It happened surprisingly quickly outside, despite the amount of water that we dumped on that piece of paper. You can watch a video below to see the process.

There is a lot of fun to be discovered in playing with textures and creating whimsical compositions. At a later date, kids can decide to use them as backgrounds to continue drawing and painting on.

Watch the Video

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This summer, try this outdoor activity with kids - making spray bottle art in your backyard! Tons of fun and no mess.

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