Make our printable cat paper dolls and satisfy that craving to dress up your feline companion in adorable outfits!

Make our printable cat paper dolls and satisfy that craving to dress up your feline companion into adorable outfits!

Graceful, little, and soft but full of personality, cats are among the most beloved pets worldwide. Unfortunately, very few of them like to play dress-up. Children, on the other hand, adore the idea of putting their furry friends into cute outfits. These cat paper dolls are created to fulfil their dreams!

My daughter (8) helped me with ideas for this project. In a way, it started with her obsession with sphynx cats. She said she definitely wanted to have one when she grew up. When I asked why sphynxes, she responded, “So I could dress them up in cute little sweaters!”

Of course, I had to make a sphynx cat paper doll for her, complete with cute sweaters!

Printable Cat Paper Dolls: Sphynx in a Sweater

Which Cat Paper Dolls Are in the Set?

The cat paper doll set includes ten cats, each with a unique personality and a selection of dresses. In addition to a Sphynx cat, we have a Siamese, a Ragdoll, a Persian, a Scottish Fold, a British Shorthair, a Bengal, a Japanese Bobtail, a black cat, and a ginger cat.

10 cat paper dolls: Siamese, Ragdoll, Persian, Scottish Fold, British Shorthair, Sphynx, Bengal, Japanese Bobtail, a black cat, and a ginger cat

At first, I looked up different breeds to showcase the variety of the cats’ looks. While not as strikingly different as dogs, there are definitely some interesting features there.

Did you know that Siamese are temperature-sensitive albinos? Their kittens are born white, but the colder areas of their bodies darken as they age. And Japanese bobtails have naturally docked tails. Surprisingly, it is a dominant gene! They come in all kinds of colourations, but calico is considered to be the traditional “lucky” cat.

Even when we don’t talk about breeds, there are some fun facts about cat colouration! Did you know that ginger cats are 80% male? Or that it’s rare to have a truly black cat? Most of them have stripes, but they are quite dark!

While personalities largely depend on individual animals, there are certain trends one cannot overlook. So, in the end, I wrote a little introduction for every cat.

Cat Paper Doll Printable Cards

All but one are fictional.

Here is our cat Ginko – with his paper doll doppelganger. As the description says, he has much to say, but he is a very friendly and social cat. He loves guests and is known to climb into the trucks of contractors who visit our house. But he definitely doesn’t like clothes. Even a collar, on average, only survives for three days. So, my daughter is out of luck dressing Ginko.

Siamese cat with a Siamese cat paper doll

What Kind of Outfits Are Included?

There is a selection of clothes for different occasions in the cat paper doll set, and they all come in colour and black-and-white versions.

Printable Cat Paper Doll: British Shorthair

You can dress your cats as fantastical characters, such as princesses, princes, fairies, witches, and even dinosaurs. I actually saw a cat’s dinosaur pyjama for sale -my daughter thought it was adorable!

Adorable outfits for cat paper dolls

There are outfits for different kinds of weather: cold weather, rainy weather, and beach outings.

Summer, winter, and fall outfits for cat paper dolls

Some outfits come in different colours.

But there are ten unique outfits in total.

10 unique cat paper doll outfits

Moreover, the cats are made to be mixed and matched with our other animal paper dolls. So, if you want more costumes, you can use the costumes of unicorn paper dolls or animal paper dolls. Likewise, if you already have unicorn paper dolls, these new costumes will fit them.

Unicorn paper dolls

And if you want even more outfits, you can use this included template and make your own costumes.

Make-your-own outfit template

So, What’s Included in a Nutshell?

  • printable cards with a few fun facts about different cat breeds
  • 10 unique cat designs with stands
  • 10 dress-up outfits
  • full-colour and colour-your-own designs
  • make-your-own-outfit template

If you want a sample, you can check out this free printable paper doll cat. Unlike the cats in this pack, it doesn’t have a description. Instead, it’s a card to give to a friend.

Free printable cat paper doll

More Paper Dolls

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Make 10 printable cat paper dolls using our templates!