This free set of Christmas trivia conversation starters for kids teaches interesting facts about winter holidays around the world while inspiring a personal discussion!

Free Christmas Trivia Conversation Starters

Even though, as a family, we spend a lot of time together, we are often quite busy. Between homeschooling lessons, running two businesses and everyday housework, it is sometimes difficult to find a time to sit down and have a meaningful discussion. And some day we may be ready for a chat, but our children may not be, engulfed in their own hobbies or conversations with their own friends.

Other days though, the stars align right, and we are presented with the opportunity for a family conversation. But what to talk about? Certainly, we exchange our latest news. However, in a family of homeschoolers and work-at-home parents, there are many days when this topic of conversation exhausts itself fairly fast.

Besides, our favourite conversations involve philosophical discussions and whimsical flights of imagination. That’s where these conversation starters help!

This free set of conversation starters combines interesting facts with questions for discussion. Unlike the facts, the questions are not trivia-based. Instead they attempt to create a link between the fact and the personal experience of the participants in the discussion, making the facts more memorable and the discussion more engaging.

The idea for our conversation starters for kids is based on the evidence that “activities that both engage students emotionally and connect with what they already know are what help build neural connections and long-term memory storage”.

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How to Use the Christmas Trivia Conversation Starters

Christmas trivia conversation card examples

Some questions don’t require a long answer. Like on the card above, “In Iceland, there are no native evergreen trees, so the first Jól or Christmas Trees were mountain ashes, also known as rowan. If there were no evergreen trees available in your area, what would be your second choice for a festive tree?

I think a birch tree, with its white trunk, and my son thinks red maple.

Other questions may prompt to some pondering. For instance, “At the end of the 19th century, Erwin Perzy was a maker of surgical instruments. In an attempt to create a bright surgical lamp, he added various reflective particles into water. The effect reminded him of falling snow, and thus the first snow globe was created. The demand for snow globes was so huge that Perzy opened a shop in Vienna that exists to this day! Do you know examples of how someone failed in one way, while succeeding in another at the same time? Has it ever happened with you?

My son felt stumped at first, then came up with an example of how a baker was trying to add chocolate chips to make a chocolate cookie, but instead got a chocolate chip cookie. Apparently, similar stories happened with the invention of post-it notes (the scientist was looking for a strong adhesive), a pacemaker (while working on an equipment for recording heart sounds), and a variety of other things.

All in all, there are twenty facts and twenty questions.

20 free Christmas fun fact cards for kids

They touch on different aspects of celebrating Christmas and other winter holidays around the world, as well as shedding new light on familiar traditions. When did the first Christmas trees appear? Why do people in Iceland exchange books for Christmas? What kind of secret presents did Allied prisoners of war receive for Christmas in 1944?

You will find answers to all of these with this free set of Christmas trivia conversation starters!

And if you want even more facts, check out our Christmas trivia game. It has twenty four cards with six questions each, which adds up to one hundred forty four facts!

Christmas trivia game for the whole family

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