Endangered Animals Board Game


ENDANGERED ANIMALS Guess Who is a printable educational game that introduces players to endangered animals, threats to their survival, and efforts being made to protect them.

This is the extended version of the game (49 pages). It includes posters and is suitable for large groups and classrooms. You can buy the basic (2 players and small groups) version here.

You can also buy this product as a part of Animal Diversity Bundle (60% off!).

This listing is for a downloadable PDF file. Print and cut as many copies as you want.



  • includes animals from all around the world that face extinction
  • creates awareness of the various threats and causes of extinction
  • is based on the principles of STEM and integrates science (biology) and math (logical thinking and deductive reasoning)
  • encourages players to take further interest in learning about nature and conservation


Players attempt to deduce the identity of their opponent’s animal, by asking questions and comparing the answers to their key of twenty animals.

But don’t ask about the appearance of the animals—focus instead on their prominent attributes, what threatens them, and their conservation status.

“Is your animal increasing or decreasing in numbers?” “Is it a mammal?” “Is it threatened by deforestation?” If the answers to all these questions was “yes”, then the mystery animal is a giant panda.

 Play the game and guess them all!

ENDANGERED ANIMALS Guess Who Game features:

  • twenty endangered species from around the world
  • twenty information cards, each featuring a painting of an animal, its common name, its Latin binomen, a few interesting facts about it, how it is threatened, and conservation efforts to protect it from extinction
  • forty double-sided character cards, each with an illustration of an animal, its common and Latin names, with icons depicting important species and survival facts
  • rules for a two-player game, large-group rules, and classroom rules with posters
  • templates for making your own cards and posters

We hope you will enjoy this game!




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