Insect Paper Models


Learn how to make paper insects and study insect anatomy with this printable insects kit!

This listing is for the digital PDF file to print your own templates. 



Using our printable insects kit, children will read about four common insects, take a close look at their fascinating anatomy and, finally, learn how to make 3D paper models of them with the printable templates and step-by-step instructions.

Insect Paper Models Feature

  • General introduction to insect anatomy
  • Pages with the labelled anatomy drawings of insects as well as information on their Latin name, geographical position, life cycle, and noteworthy anatomy facts
  • Templates for making paper models of four insects (vivid dancer damselfly, Canadian tiger swallowtail butterfly, seven-spotted ladybug, and the treehopper Archasia belfragei)
  • Step-by-step tutorial of how to build the models
  • Archive of PNG designs to use with Silhouette or Cricut machines

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