Winter Art Prompts Book: 12 Printable Pictures to Finish


This PDF eBook contains twelve printable art prompts for children themed around winter activities. The pictures prompt kids to finish them with crayons, paints or play-dough!


This eBook contains twelve printable art prompts themed to brighten up winter days, as well as suggestions on how best to use them.

The printed prompts make a fun gift for young artists, with a handmade touch to them.You can use art prompts for quiet time or slip them in your bag when taking your kids out. The creative activities will make an impromptu hit at play dates and play schools because you can quickly prepare as many copies as you want!


  • 12 beautiful hand-painted watercolour prompts for children to finish.
  • Different levels of difficulty: most require only a few details and can be used with toddlers, and others offer broad possibilities for customization, inspiring preschoolers and older kids to create.
  • Suitable for working with a variety of media: pencils, markers, play-dough, watercolours, tempera paints and mixed media.
  • Print as many copies as you want: ideal for siblings, art groups and kids who simply like to “do it again!”

Art prompts encourage creativity, open-ended thinking and problem-solving skills in children. An unfinished painting poses a question, and it’s up to children to find a solution, while learning in the process that there is no single right answer.

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