To celebrate Women’s History Month, we have selected 25 of the best picture books about inspiring women for kids!

25 books about inspiring women for kids

Do you read books with children? If you’re on this page, you’re probably a dedicated book lover, just like me.

Personally, I have always preferred storybooks for reading aloud to my children. But what if a book has a good story while being based on real events? Well, that certainly opens new possibilities!

These books empower children with the belief that real humans, not fairy-tale creatures and superheroes, are capable of amazing things.

This is especially important when talking to kids about the subject of women in history. Historically, men and women took very different roles in society – roles that were rigidly enforced and hard to break free from, even when they were personally unsatisfying. Now that efforts to ensure equal opportunities across the sexes have lowered many barriers that constrained women, girls need exceptional role models to show them what women are capable of, even against considerable odds. Hence, the increasing number of books about inspiring women for kids in recent years.

When working on the Women: Guess Who game and Famous Women paper dolls, I reviewed a lot of those books – looking for inspiration for myself and planning on what to read when studying the subject with my own kids. Below, you will find the list of my favourites. A good number of them will pair well with our Women in History for Kids Bundle.

Famous Women in History for Kids: bundle of games and educational activities

One more reason I like these books is that if we read one and children like it, we can go down the rabbit holes of exploration – find photographs, documentaries, paintings, and other historical information about people and events. These books are perfect starting points for learning more – about history, science, geography, and, of course, amazing heroines from history!

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Books About Inspiring Women

Below, you will find compilations featuring stories of inspiring women. Some are more detailed than others; all are good as a starting point to find interesting personalities that can be investigated further and in more depth later.

Individual Women's Biographies for Kids

Below, you will find the books that focus on one (rarely, two or three) interesting personalities.

More About Amazing Women

Get a free colouring page and a printable poster, featuring twelve famous women and their inspiring quotes.

Famous Women in History: Free Poster and Colouring Page

Using Women: Guess Who Game, dedicated to famous women in history for kids, you will learn about twenty amazing heroines who changed the world. Included are Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks, and many more!

Famous Women in History Guess Who Game

Thanks for reading!

Women in History Books for Kids