Build these easy magnetic tile ideas while celebrating autumn and autumn holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Moon Festival, Día de Muertos, and others!

Autumn Magnetic Tile Ideas

Some toys seem to have endless potential for play. Magnetic tiles have been an example of such a toy in our household. What haven’t we built from those magnetic tiles!

In the past, we have offered alphabet and number designs, as well as 2D and 3D magnetic tile ideas. We’ve also made a pack of animal-inspired constructions. Our latest projects have focused on seasonal builds. You can check out our spring magnetic tile idea pack here.

200+ Magna-Tile Design Ideas

We know that both homeschool and classroom schedules are often intertwined with seasonal occasions, so we wanted to offer sets of printable designs that focus on different seasons. They can make great changing themes for a STEM workstation in your classroom or homeschool room, inspiring children to tackle building challenges in the atmosphere of the season.

This time we are celebrating fall and all of its festivities with autumn magnetic tile idea cards!

What Seasonal Occasions Are Included?

Many themes and holidays are celebrated in the fall. In the autumn magnetic tile idea pack, you will find designs inspired by:

  • Thanksgiving (roasted turkey dinner and live turkey)
  • Moon festival (harvest moon)
  • Halloween (ghost, Jack-o’-lantern, haunted house)
  • Día de Muertos (skull, bones)
  • back-to-school celebration (schoolhouse)
  • various harvest festivities (corn, apple, pumpkin)
  • nature theme (acorn, leaves, mushrooms)
32 Easy Magnetic Tile Ideas to Celebrate Autumn

Magna Tile Sticker Designs

One of the new and unique ideas we tried with the autumn magnetic tile pack is including sticker-enhanced designs.

One of the designs features a schoolhouse for a back-to-school celebration.

Magna Tile School Design

Another is a spooky haunted house.

Magna Tile Halloween Haunted House

While kids can build designs without stickers, the stickers give a new opportunity for creating with magnetic tiles. They can cut and use the printable stickers we provide; they can customize the stickers with designs of their own, as my daughter did below (see her three cats in the window?), or they can create their own designs completely from scratch.

Magnetic Tile Haunted House

We recommend using mounting putty (Sticky Tac, Fun Tac, Tac n’ Stik) for attaching paper designs to magnetic tiles. Alternatively, you can use a glue stick, which can later be removed with warm water and a rag.

Stickers for Magna-Tiles

The haunted house design can be built and rebuilt in a variety of ways, so unlike the other designs in the pack that can be considered puzzles to try and recreate, this is more of an open-ended design.

Magna Tile House Variations

Magnetic Tiles and Googly Eyes

Creating magnetic tile designs for Halloween naturally made us think of monsters, and that’s when I spotted a new bag of googly eyes I got for my daughter’s crafts. Working with magna-tiles and googly eyes was surprisingly fun! We ended up making several monsters for the pack, and we highly recommend this combination.

In order to attach the googly eyes, we also used mounting putty (Sticky Tac, Fun Tac, Tac n’ Stik). And if you don’t have googly eyes, kids can draw them on paper and cut them out.

Magna Tiles and googly eyes make adorable monsters

Inside the Autumn Magnetic Tile Ideas Pack

  • 32 magnetic tile designs (20 three-dimensional designs, 10 two-dimensional designs and 2 special designs with printable stickers)
  • the printable cards come in two scales (four cards per page which is a convenient card size and one design per page that is closer to full-scale and easiest to replicate)
  • new designs not found in our previous packs
  • designs dedicated to autumnal themes and various holidays that happen during autumn such as ThanksgivingMoon festivalHalloweenDía de Muertosback-to-school celebrations, various harvest festivals, and general nature theme
  • (new and unique!) two sticker-enhanced designs include a haunted house and a schoolhouse; the stickers are printable, scaled to fit magnetic tiles, and easy to use (attach/remove)

Get the Autumn Magna-Tile Idea Cards!

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Thanks for reading! Have you come up with fun autumn magnetic tile ideas? Share them with us!

32 Autumn Magna Tile Ideas