Engage in festive writing while using one of 10 free Christmas writing prompts for kids. Use a Santa letter writing template, play a Christmas would-you-rather game on paper, write a holiday acrostic, and more!

10 Christmas writing prompts for kids

The month before Christmas is filled with the smell of gingerbread baking, the rustle of wrapping paper, and the twinkling of lights. How to fit schoolwork into all this pleasant activities?

In December, we often do two things differently. First, we slow down, eventually taking a long break. Second, we make Christmas a part of our educational focus!

For instance, in the previous years, we studied Christmas around the world, made Christmas paper dolls, and played the Christmas Guess Who game.

Christmas around the world for kids

This year, I’ve created a pack of Christmas writing prompts for kids. During the year, we have been using and enjoying a variety of creative writing prompts. They are fun and easy to pull out when we practise creative writing, and they don’t require a lot of preparation. The Christmas writing prompts do the same – while also creating a festive atmosphere!

For instance, when my son saw the prompts with the list of Christmas-themed would-you-rather questions, he wanted to sit down and do them right away. That is, as long as it counts as his writing practice for the day! Well, for my part I am happy as long as he enjoys his writing practice. And he really likes pondering those would-you-rather questions.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

Would-you-rather questions are actually great writing prompts for beginners because they offer an opportunity to sneak in some creative copywork. A child chooses the answer, then copies it, and, as far as I can judge from my son’s reaction, it doesn’t seem tedious at all. Instead, it is almost like playing a game.

Christmas Would You Rather Questions

There are many more writing prompts as well. Following the prompts, the kids will:

  • make a Christmas alphabet
  • write a letter to Santa
  • make a Christmas acrostic poem
  • create a Venn diagram comparing an elf with Santa
  • fantasize about giving amazing presents to all your friends and family members
  • learn about brainstorming and brainstorm ideas for holiday preparations
  • write Santa a wanted ad for help
  • create silly sentences
  • describe the best presents they have ever got for Christmas (and then have someone else guess what it was)

The prompts are meant for elementary students. Some would be good for very early writers, and children will be able to complete them with copywork. Others don’t provide words to use, but have the beginning of sentences to finish. A few are short open-ended prompts!

Though the prompts are tailored towards elementary-aged students, it is fun to do them as a multi-age activity and compare answers in the end. My son loves when I work on the same prompt as him, and if the whole family can do it, it’s even better!

free Christmas writing prompts for kids

In a Nutshell, Christmas Writing Prompts for Kids Feature

  • 10 Christmas writing prompts for kids 
  • tailored towards elementary grades
  • two separate versions with beginner lines and standard lines
  • blank pages, in case your students need more space
  • free to print as many as you want – for your family, class, or club

Get the free Christmas Writing Prompts!

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free Christmas paper dolls

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free Christmas colouring pages

Thanks for reading!

Christmas writing prompts for kids