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Birds are a very diverse and fascinating group! Study them with children, while playing games, working on crafts, completing STEM challenges, and doing other hands-on activities

This listing is for downloadable PDF files. Print and cut as many copies as you want.


Birds are a very diverse and fascinating group! Study them with children, while playing games, working on crafts, completing STEM challenges, and doing other hands-on activities

The bundle includes 7 colourful printable packs (over 200 PDF pages):

  • Birds Guess Who Game (Full Version): In this printable game of bird deduction, players are attempting to guess the identity of their opponent’s bird, by asking questions and using a key of twenty four birds from all over the world. Have you ever played the classic Guess Who game? This is Bird Guess Who! This version also includes posters for playing in a classroom and templates for making your own cards
  • Bird Bingo: The bird bingo game features 48 species of birds from around the world and 32 bingo cards. With beautiful watercolour illustrations and multiple levels of complexity, it will bring joy to bird enthusiasts of all ages!
  • Match Male and Female Bird Game: Did you know that some male and female birds look different? Play this bird identification game by matching male and female birds and making bird pairs.
  • Bird’s Eggs Activity Pack: From the emerald eggs of emus to the speckled pink eggs of nuthatches, from big ostrich eggs to tiny hummingbird eggs—bird eggs come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes! With this activity pack, study the great diversity of birds’ eggs, as well as their parenting styles and habits. Includes a poster of ten eggs to scale, a matching game, and fourteen templates for making egg pop-up cards.
  • Bird’s Nest STEM challenges: Birds are great architects. Using this pack, students will learn about six birds and the amazing structures they build, then attempt to build their own versions of these specific dwellings.
  • Bird’s Nature Art Prompts: Six nature art prompts encourage artists of all ages to finish the ink drawings of birds with natural materials. Collaborate with nature and create gorgeous pictures!
  • Bird indentification cards and posters: Study the wonderful diversity in the world of birds with a set of fifty watercolour cards and six posters.
  • Bird Lesson Plan: The lesson plan outlines the recommended sequence for using its materials. Each lesson is structured around playing a board game (Birds Guess Who, Bird Bingo, Male vs Female Birds Matching Game, Bird’s Eggs Matching Game) or doing a hands-on activity (Bird’s Nest STEM challenges, Bird Eggs Pop-Up Cards, Bird Art Prompts), that will allow children to study the diverse world of birds in a creative and entertaining manner. 

With the bundle, the students will explore:

  • the diversity of the birds, as well as their distinctive features
  • birds’ plumage and dimorphism in birds
  • birds’ eggs and parenting habits
  • birds’ houses and engineering skills
  • 48 species of birds

There are five lessons in the plan, and each lesson should take about 1-2 hours a day, depending on your students’ level and engagement. If there is no time constraint and they are enjoying the activity, the lessons can be easily stretched out. The games can be played several times, and they can work on several STEM challenges or finish several art prompts, instead of picking one. On the other hand, if the time is limited, you can easily exclude some activities and pick whatever suits your students.

The combination of pictures, icons, and limited language in most games makes this lesson plan suitable for any level of elementary school (K-6). Students with limited reading/writing skills will be able to do 95% of the activities, and even non-reading students can complete many of them.

We hope you and your students will enjoy exploring the world of birds with us!



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