Get the free printable pack of bird pattern block designs for STEM centres in your preschool and kindergarten! Children will learn the names of birds, practice building skills and math – all at once.

Get the free printable pack of bird pattern block designs for STEM centres in your preschool and kindergarten!

In most classrooms, whether homeschool or traditional, pattern blocks are nothing new. These little tiles fill a particular niche – they are sturdy, portable, inexpensive, and they encourage children to build.

Here are the classic pattern blocks, made from painted wood. Quite pleasant to touch! We also like magnetic pattern blocks – they’re good to work with because designs do not slip, and they’re also really easy to bring along on road trips, to appointments, and restaurants.

The pattern blocks usually come with a few design templates. Now, my kids like building their own creations, but they also enjoy working on those design cards. It’s like building puzzles to them. Following instruction is a different mental activity than imaginative building, but it is an equally useful exercise!

Today, we added free bird pattern block designs to our collection. This pack is free, and it will go well with animal unit study, especially if you have an emphasis on birds (check our Bird Guess Who and Bird Bingo as well!). This pack of designs is also good as a general spring or summer STEM challenge.

The pattern block designs are suitable for a variety of ages. Older toddlers and preschoolers will like playing with them, but our designs come with an additional challenge for older kids as well, so they can also be useful for kindergarten and grade one.

If you would like more pattern block designs, we have also got animal designs, alphabet designs, and spring/Easter designs.

Download the free pack of bird designs at the end of post!

About the Bird Pattern Block Templates

First of all, there are two scales of cards: four designs on one sheet (convenient card size) and one design per sheet (100% scale and easiest to replicate for young children).

Flamingo: Free Pattern Block Design Ideas
3 Birds: Free Pattern Block Design Ideas

Second, there are coloured and black-and-white templates: the former are easier to use, while the latter encourage children to pay attention to the shape rather than the colour.

5 Birds: Free Pattern Block Design Ideas

Third, there are cards that ask children to solve an additional mathematical problem by counting the blocks of a certain colour and the number of all blocks used.

Rooster: Free Pattern Block Design Ideas

There are five designs in this free pack – an owl, a flamingo, a robin, a rooster, and a duck. What other birds can your children make?

Benefits of Using Pattern Block Cards

Using them is good for a multitude of reasons! For instance, it is beneficial for:

  • Practicing basic math skills: matching, counting, shape and colour recognition, and patterning
  • Developing critical thinking and spatial awareness while working on building challenges
  • Working on hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • This particular set is also good for introducing some common birds as a part of a larger bird unit study.

Download the Free Bird Designs!

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Get the free printable pack of bird pattern block designs for STEM centres in your preschool and kindergarten!