Study the wonderful diversity of the bird world with a set of fifty printable bird flashcards and posters!

Printable bird flashcards

Birds are a wonderfully diverse group.

Let’s take flying, for instance. Peregrine falcons dive from the skies at a speed of over 300 km/h (186 mph), which makes them not only the fastest bird but the fastest animal on the planet. Penguins, on the other hand, cannot fly at all. Their wings have evolved into flippers, and they have become proficient swimmers. But if you take ostriches, they can neither fly nor swim. They’re very good runners though.

Children can learn all these – and many more – fun facts with our printable bird flashcards. There are fifty birds in the set! While this list is far from being exhaustive, it offers a broad overview of bird diversity across the globe.

When making the cards, we initially intended to include an image of each animal with its common name, its Latin binomen, and its native range. This information is certainly useful, isn’t it? But it isn’t really as memorable as it could be, particularly considering how interesting they all turn out to be on closer inspection. So we included a fun fact about every bird, right there on the card.

For some birds, it is a fact about their general characteristics (ostriches are the biggest birds, and bee hummingbirds are the smallest); for others, it was about their unique set of skills (kingfishers are great at diving, and grey crowned cranes are famous for dancing). And sometimes the flashcard had just a random fact (blue jays are closely related to crows and ravens, and, depending on who you ask, catbirds sound either like a cat or a vampire).

Children generally seem fond of comic book style (our children love science comic books, for instance!), so we let the birds speak for themselves, using a speech balloon format on the printable flashcards.

Birds identification cards with fun facts

In addition to the cards, the set of printable bird flashcards includes a pair of printable bird posters, featuring twenty three birds that all have something to say about themselves. The posters can be printed on 8.5×11″ standard paper, but can also be scaled up to 11×17″ posters.

Printable bird posters with interesting facts

And if you prefer cards and posters that focus on identification, without the extra facts, we have included them as well.

Printable watercolour bird flashcards without any extra information

But that’s still not all. There are posters with birds of specific continents – birds of North America, birds of Eurasia, and birds of Australia and Oceania.

Printable bird posters with birds of Eurasia, birds of North America, and birds of Australia

We will eventually complete our collection of posters with Africa, South America and Antarctica, as we paint more birds. In the meantime, you can get these four bird posters for free as a sample for this set of printable bird flashcards!

You can also check out our bird bundle that includes a bird guess-who game, a bird bingo game, a bird engineering activity, and much more.

Bird unit study

About the Set of Printable Bird Flashcards

The flashcard set includes:

  • fifty watercolour cards with a fun fact presented in an engaging speech balloon format
  • fifty watercolour cards without a fun fact
  • six posters
Fifty watercolour bird flashcards and six watercolour bird posters

Six posters include:

  • birds of the world
  • birds of North America
  • birds of Eurasia
  • birds of Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, and other islands in the area)
  • two fun facts posters featuring birds of the world accompanied by speech balloons

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Or get a sample set of four posters for free here.

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Birds Flashcards and Posters