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Children learn best while playing – or doing what interests them most.

Having decided to homeschool our children, we wanted to give them the opportunity to learn what they want, when they want and how they want. Since they are still quite young, a lot of learning happens just as we go about our life – cooking, gardening, or fixing things around the house. Other times, when the interest seems to persist, we take time and invent more involved projects to explore the topic in depth. Then all of us, including adults, often discover something new.

Some of our favourite ways to learn:

  • THROUGH CRAFTS: We craft to visualize things and understand how they work. We also do a lot of art projects because whenever our son sees something that impresses him, he looks for a sketchbook to make a drawing of it. That works best for him.
  • THROUGH BOOKS: We read. A lot. We also listen to audiobooks and make our own books for fun.
  • THROUGH GAMES: We play games, and we make some of our own.
  • and through PLAYING OUTDOORS: For all that summer is short in our part of the world, we love spending time outdoors.

On this page, we would like to share some of the projects and materials we created with other enthusiasts for playful learning.


A category of activities related to our love of reading and writing.

End of School Year: Printable Journal of Questions for Kids

Another school year is coming to an end. Encourage kids to answer the questions in this free printable end-of-school journal to capture the year's memories forever! When school comes to an end, it is a perfect time to create a little time capsule with children's...

Three Billy Goats Gruff: Shadow Puppet Play with Printables

Based on the Norwegian fairy-tale, these printable shadow puppets will let your kids make their version of Three Billy Goats Gruff and stage a shadow play at home or in the classroom!  Those old fairy-tales with their linear plots are really the best when it comes to...

Social Studies

Geography and history can be a TON of fun when studying in a playful manner.

Recycling Bingo Printable Game for Kids

Practice separating recyclable items from trash by following the bingo cards of this printable Recycling Bingo Game! A fun Earth Day activity for kids that will introduce them to the basic ideas of recycling. Recycling is an important subject these days. Recycling...

Flags of the World Bingo: Printable Game for Kids

Flag Bingo is a printable educational game that challenges children to learn and identify the flags of the world. Featuring the flags of 120 countries and with two ways to play, Flag Bingo is a fun supplement to teaching geography in preschool, kindergarten and grades...

Moon Chinese Legend Shadow Puppet Show for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by staging a shadow puppet show based on the Chinese Moon legend that explains the origins and traditions of the festival. Falling on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival happens in...


Animal Houses: Engineering Game for Kids

Using this nature-inspired engineering game for kids, you will learn about ten animals and the houses they build, then complete the engineering challenges and build your own versions of these amazing dwellings! Architecture has played a significant role in human...

Printable Nature Journal with Creative Prompts for Kids

Learn how to start a nature journal with kids using a free printable template that offers ten creative prompts. It is a perfect nature STEM activity for kids as it encourages them to go outside, explore nature scientifically, then record their nature finds...

Cloud Wheel with Cloud Identification Guide for Kids

This cloud wheel with a cloud identification guide will help children to observe weather and learn to identify ten of the most common types of clouds. Cirrus. Cumulus. Nimbostratus. I have always found the names of clouds fascinating. Why, they sound almost magical. I...

Nature Art Prompts: Birds

These six nature art prompts encourage artists of all ages to finish the ink drawings of birds with natural materials. Collaborate with nature and create gorgeous pictures! Making collaborative art is always an enriching experience. And this pack invites artists of...

Animal Tracks: Printable Nature Game for Kids

Kids will love to play and learn from this printable educational matching game, which teaches how to match animals with their tracks and where to find them! Most animals do not want to come in close contact with humans, but if you learn to notice and recognize their...

Bird Pairs: Printable Memory Match Game for Kids

Play this printable bird identification game by matching male and female birds and making bird pairs! This game would be a great gift for bird enthusiasts of all ages, introducing children to the concept of bird spotting and identification. After playing this bird...


Everything is just a little more fun when it happens outdoors.

Backyard Railroad Engineering: Outdoor STEM Challenge for Kids

Like many kids, my son likes everything on wheels. Cars, construction machinery, emergency vehicles, trains. Especially trains. He also loves playing in the backyard, and for several summer now, I've been thinking how much fun it would be to build a railroad outside....

How to Make a Bean Teepee for Backyard Play

If you're looking for a kids' gardening project this summer, try building a bean teepee. This natural play tent is a fun addition to the backyard and a perfect hideout for little explorers. Last summer was our first as home owners, and we were as excited about our big...

Flower Canning Pretend Play

The end of summer, and it's time for canning. Can my son stay away? Of course not! And while we're still washing fruits and vegetables, he has already canned twenty jars! A lot of the posts in my blog are ideas of what parents can do for kids. This one is not. From...

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