Need a quick and easy play idea? Pick one of these 100 fun printable activities for kids!

100 Printable Activities for Kids

When my kids were younger, we had a soft spot for wooden toys of heirloom quality and particular indestructibility. But now? Over the last couple of years, printable toys have actually taken a special place in my heart.

There is a good reason for that. Actually, there are several good reasons.

Why Printable Activities for Kids?

  1. Printables activities for kids are either free or cheap. See that cute paper mailbox above? It’s free! A wooden toy mailbox would be about $20.
  2. Of course, a physical toy would come assembled… But look at it from another angle, and the necessity to assemble a toy can actually be an advantage, once kids are the right age to help or even do the whole project themselves. Then, before becoming a toy, it is a craft and a building experience.
  3. And if it breaks, well, it can be printed again! Or, if there are siblings or even a classroom of kids, everyone can have their own copy. One mailbox per student may be excessive, but it is fun for every child to make their own anatomy paper doll or have their own bingo card!
  4. Printable activities are easy to bring along, both on short outings to a restaurant and on longer trips.
  5. Finally, once the kids are done with it (and, to be completely honest, only a few toys have a lifespan of months or years!), printable toys can be easily stored flat or recycled. If the kids want to play with puppets again in a year, well, they can be printed and cut again!

All you really need is a printer and some paper, and there is a world of possibilities – printable board games, puppets, paper dolls, pretend play accessories, STEM challenges, art prompts, journals for kids, and movement cards – all available at the press of a “print” button!


Build a theatre with the template you can find below, and have a day of theatrical play. Using puppet templates, children can stage their favourite fairy-tales or engage in open-ended storytelling. When using a shadow puppet theatre, they can conduct scientific experiments with light or try coloured filters. They can also use them to create simple animation and make short cartoons of their own!


Printing and playing a board game goes a long way for a fun family evening. Some are short and simple, and others are long and complex. There are educational games, creative games, games to spark discussions, and even games to inspire building. Take your pick!


Printable, recyclable and very portable, printable toys are wonderful! They are easy to make, they won't clutter the house, and they can be easily brought along on trips.


Doctor's office? Restaurant? Shop? Printables can make pretend play more fun!


A separate category for kids who like things that go - cars, airplanes, and suchlike. Assemble them from paper!


Bring life to old toys with printable challenges. Encourage children to build something new from LEGO, Magna-Tiles, or pattern blocks - with idea cards. The printable idea cards act as both inspiration and puzzle to solve.


Start a journal or make a story with these creative printable prompts!


Need a boredom buster for kids who like making art? Try these printable art activities, which prompt kids to finish them with crayons, paints or play-dough!


Printables can even encourage children to move around! Try these movement dice and scavenger hunts!

More Fun Printable Activities?

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Thanks for reading!

100 Printable Activities for Kids

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